Eat Pray Love

I haven’t seen it yet, nor read the book. Wish I had the time! I understand it’s about a woman taking a journey of self-discovery after some traumatic life events.

It’s wonderful that she found answers on her journey. She went to some pretty exotic places. If my life fell apart, I’m sure I couldn’t financially afford to travel past my back yard.

Is it possible to make that self-discovery journey without leaving home? For some, possibly not. For others, I’m sure it is possible. I hope I’m one of them.

Like countless others, I’ve had many moments of self-discovery throughout my life.

I’ve learned about eating, my habits good and bad, my attitude toward food, its power or lack therof over me.

I daily learn more about prayer. It’s something we can do wherever we are, whenever we need to and should do even when we don’t need to.

I think Love is part of prayer. Since the Bible defines God as LOVE, aren’t we praying when we love unselfishly? Christians are taught to love God, to love humanity, to love our neighbors, our enemies, and yes, love ourselves.

As we eat, pray and love, our journey of self-discovery dontinues. How blessed we are to have such opportunities!


About Virginia E. Lee

Born in Texas, I grew up in Washington state and eventually moved back to Texas, after a sweet sojourn in Arizona. I love my family, animals, good music, good stories and our Creator.
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